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In the dictionary „Vividly“ is defined as something lively  or done in a clear, graphic or very detailed manner. We think it describes us - creative team from Lithuania. Beautiful, aesthetic and easy to use design is very important to us. We hope for you too!


We all like to travel and of course we stay in different hotels. The things we miss there or want to improve we tried to add to this Project. Our main goal is to help hotel inform customers about its services and rules, organize different activities, give better service and get feedback about it.

Video presentation




For hotel

Guest guide
Introduce yourself, your rules and services for your guests. Even short texts and nice pictures will give better impression for your customers about you.
Events and special offers
Announce news, events and special offers. Easy to manage information. Decide when you want to show advertisement. Inform guests about services they can get in your hotel or around it. Offer possibility to order them.
Inform guests about services they can get in your hotel or around it. Offer possibility to order them.
Be closer to your guest. Even one “Welcome” message or short question “Is everything ok? Can we help you?” can make him feel more important. Chat will give possibility to communicate easier with your customers.
Is your guest unsatisfied? Do you need possibility to improve the situation? His feedback can reach you in different ways - by chat, writing comment or evaluating services. Now it is your time to react!

For guest

Everything in one place! Get information about services, events and deals hotel offers for you. Have question? Just take the device and ask reception!
Activities calendar
Activities calendar is the easiest way to find out what is going on in current time – which services hotel offers to use now or plan for the next day.
Orders and Reservations
Reserve/order services or activities you want to participate in. Manage them easily.
Evaluate hotel and its services. Each evaluation, notice or good word is important for other guests, hotel or its employees!
Weather forecast
Planning the activities? Check the weather for tomorrow!


Admin view


What do you get?



Administration panel

Content management system to change information easily in languages your need


Chat with guests in rooms






Personalization for your hotel




Available on ipad, android



Have some questions? Do not hesitate to ask.


Added your content, but you feel that something doesn’t look perfect? Inform us. Event little advice from our designer can make miracle.


Need some help to put your content properly? Inform us. We can consult you or add your prepared content instead of you.


Flexibility & Cooperation

Can’t find function you need? A lot of functions are still on the way. We have a lot of ideas for you to offer. If you are interested in our project, but have some questions or you can’t find some functions - feel free to contact us.


All your questions, business problems and ideas are important to us. Let’s grow together!


If you are interested in this Project – contact us. Please fill the form below and we will contact you.



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